Bug! is the FIRST National Real Estate Franchise to standardize on the new Apple iPhone.

Bug! is the FIRST National Real Estate Franchise to standardize on the new Apple iPhone. Because our agents all work “virtually”, we quickly realized the opportunity to standardize our agents on the new Apple iPhone. We already require that all agents have a “Bug! Mobile Office” package, which consists of a wireless laptop, cell phone, and eFax service, but in testing the iPhone, we quickly realized the advantage of this innovative device. With an iPhone, our agents always have internet access, and the ability to search the MLS for homes and property information. Because the device is all software based, we are not locked into any limitations based on fixed hardware. In addition, our research lead us to Colorware, who is custom making our Bug! iPhones wrapped in our distinctive brand, which further extends our Billboard Marketing System, to the most personal level. Now our agents will never go unrecognized, even when their cool Bug! is sitting out in the parking lot! Now, that is Marketing (made simple)!

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Bug! will host the First Annual Franchise Owners’ meeting in Napa Valley, CA

On March 7, Bug! Realty USA, Inc. will host the first Annual Franchise Owners’ meeting in Napa Valley, CA.  All Franchise owners and agents will be attending this event at a private Bed & Breakfast Inn in Napa.  Franchise owners will gather for round table discussions on ways to leverage the Bug! brand to improve their business.  Founder & CEO, Kevin Seney, will be presenting his Vision for 2008 and the results of a very successful franchise launch in 2007. Jim Walberg and Ann Marie Nugent Special Guest Speakers, and round-table participants, will be Jim Walberg and Ann Marie Nugent of The Bay Area Team of Keller Williams Realty.  Jim and Ann Marie were recently honored by Keller Williams, at their annual retreat for achieving the highest level honor as Platinum Members.  Jim & Ann Marie will be sharing their most successful methods for building a referral based business and their personal perspectives on future trends in Real Estate.

Bug! teams up with John Assaraf and OneCoach for franchisee training

In October of 2007, Kevin Seney, Founder & CEO of Bug! met with John Assaraf and his team at OneCoach, to develop an ongoing coaching and business development system for our new Franchisee’s.  OncCoach specializes in showing small-business owners how to become the best in the world at their chosen niche.  Beginning in 2008, all Bug! franchisees are required to participate in the program.  ”As a new, start up company, we have discovered that we are better off outsourcing certain programs to experts in the field.”  ”We already provide our new franchisees with initial training to open their new franchise, and we host regular meetings among existing franchisee’s to foster relationships and new ideas from within, but the need for regular coaching and motivation for our new franchisees was just another opportunity to add value to our overall franchise package.”

About Bug! Coronado

Bug! is NOT a traditional real estate franchise. We are the NO FRILLS, NO HYPE Real Estate Company. We started Bug! with a clean slate, and a vision of making Real Estate SIMPLE and FUN again. Our powerful marketing system, is NOT dependent on high-cost, ineffective, traditional-media advertising. With our simple, yet powerful Bill Board Marketing System, even a new agent will stand out like a pro in their market place. The amazing part is that our system is FREE! To maximize efficiency, and make us more competitive, our agents ALL work virtually! NO DESK FEES! NO RENT! That is a formula for Success!